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Navigating the resources that are available for our loved ones who have developmental, intellectual and potentially physical delays and disabilities can be rife with more questions than answers. Here are some basic frequently asked questions that we often get about accessing resources and navigating through the transition into an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled. 

Who pays for living at one of your facilities? 

We are Medi-Cal funded which means that we bill through Partnership Health Plan of California. 

What happens if I (or my loved one) has not been awarded Medi-Cal benefits? 

You can apply for benefits by going to 

For more information on who may qualify please go to

How do I get on the waiting list for one of your homes? 

There is no "waiting list" to speak of like a traditional housing provider; we are bound to State and Federal regulations on admissions so we have to go through a referral process with the potential resident's Regional Center. To be considered as a referral please contact your Regional Center representative and let them know you would like to have a referral packet sent to our offices by emailing them directly to  

What if I (or my loved one) is not a member of the Regional Center? Also, what is a Regional Center? 

In order to qualify for services in our setting you will need to be a member of the Regional Center. Regional Centers are nonprofit private corporations that contract with the California Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our local Regional Center is North Bay Regional Center and their catchment area is Sonoma, Solano and Napa counties.

For more information on Regional Centers please visit 

Can we come take a look at the facility? 

Yes! We warmly welcome house tours! In the transition and referral process there are a few steps that we like to take to ensure that it is a good fit for everyone involved.

How do admissions work? 

First, we review the referral packet for any anomalies, missing information or concerns we may have and seek out clarification. Second, we invite you and your loved ones to come have dinner at the home in which we feel might be the best fit. If everything goes well we move on to the third step. Third, we coordinate an overnight stay to see how everyone likes the new setting. This is a vital step because it helps in transition for the potential new resident. It also allows staff to get to know you, or your loved one, better! 

At this point in the process everyone has a very clear idea on what will work out best for you, or your loved one, and a decision will be made on when the move in date will be. 

Who handles money for personal and incidental spending? 

If you are currently your loved one's rep payee you may, if you choose, to remain their rep payee. If you choose to no longer be be their rep payee you may opt to have North Bay Regional Center delegate the financial responsibility to their third party vendor, New Leaf Solutions.

Information on New Leaf Solutions may be found here:

If you have additional questions please feel free to email us directly at

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