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Making Headlines! Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities will never hold back the spirit and drive to change the world and likewise the world will never hold back anyone who may have Developmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities.

Everybody In: A Podcast for People of All Cognitive Abilities is an article featured on Westword! It highlights and showcases a new all inclusive podcast set forth by some sensational young ladies aiming at changing the way the podcast community sees those with varied intellectual and developmental abilities! 

Read the whole article here:


DuMolin Community Living strives to take every opportunity available to support our residents and acknowledge all they do! Part of that recognition is our VIP of the Month award. VIP stands for Very Important Participant. Why not Very Important Person? Because we want to highlight that everyone can be a participant in their own life and not just a spectator. 

Stay tuned for our next VIP! 

Triumphant Hiker


At DuMolin Community Living we know the heart and soul of what we do is our staff! The Star Players are those staff who have gone above and beyond their assigned duties and tasks and show ownership of their position, compassion to our residents and leadership to their peers. Each quarter we select staff who embody our mission and honor them. 

This quarter please help us in celebrating one of our direct support staff! 

Clara is one of our direct support staff who supports our clients over at Redwood House. She joined DuMolin Community Living in August of 2020, and has been a valued member of our community of staff and clients ever since. This month, we would like to celebrate her exceptional dedication to her residents by always showing them patience, compassion, and sweetness in all methods of how she cares for them.

Star Stickers


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